"What we play is life"- Louis Armstrong

Superior Rating 2018 CCSD Advanced Jazz Band Festival

Chaparral's Bands have also notably performed at the Reno Jazz Festival and the Fullerton Jazz Festival! 

Jazz Black 

Jazz black is the top Jazz ensemble at Chaparral. Students in this group are proficient in improvisation. This band consistently earns high marks at local and national festivals.  The band is in high demand performing at events accross the valley.

Jazz Orange

Jazz Orange is the training ensemble at Chaparral. In this group students learn about jazz styles, articulations, and basic improvisation. The band has consistently earned high ratings at both local and national jazz festivals. 

Cowboy Combo

A smaller ensemble based on the  genre made famous by Miles Davis. Here, students learn jazz standards and perform jazz standards while building their skills in improvisation.. This ensemble has performed at many functions such as fundraisers, parties and more.  Since this group is smaller, they are able to perform in a much smaller and intimate space. 

Chaparral is proud to have a Student Chapter of the Jazz Education Network. (JEN) 

  1. Family
    We enter the field as individuals but leave as a family. Our family is there for the good and the band. We have each others backs. There are no obstacles we cannot tackle alone. Family means nobody is left behind or forgotten.
  2. Dedication
    Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can't get it wrong. There is no mountain too high and no task to big. We will persevere, innovate and carry on until our dreams are met. After that we will dream even bigger and fight even harder to make those happen.
  3. Love
    Love connects all of the other core values. It is the purpose that drives what we do. We love ourselves, each other, our instruments, creating art, and doing what we do. Love gives it all meaning.
  4. Cowboy Pride
    Cowboy Pride
    A band doesn't have pride because they sound good. A band sounds good because they have pride. Pride in ourselves, pride in each other, pride in what we have and what we do. Pride is leaving everything and everyone better than you found it.